Our Vision for The Healing Weekend

Rest, restore and re-energise......fun, laughter and friendships, old and new learning; a deeper understanding of spiritual matters and a real salving of the soul. Bless all those who make it possible. My highlight of the year.

— Joy Wood

The Healing Weekend is a very special event. It is bringing ever more people together year after year and long may that continue. Ron and I work all year round to build the event you have come to love and to make sure that we maintain the standards that you all have come to expect. Together, we make a strong, dedicated team who work hard to create and safeguard this very special event whilst, at the same time, holding the vision to take it forward into the future.

Elaine Fenton and Ron Tropman

Aims of The Healing Weekend

The Healing Weekend means to me being surrounded by love, meeting friends old and new. It means people coming from far and wide gathering in one special place to create special, magical moments
— Rhian and Usayd Javed

*To create an event where people can come and experience a wide range of healing and complementary therapies and also to learn more about their possible benefits.

* To bring ‘healers’, healing organisations, spiritual workers, holistic businesses and friends together in the spirit of togetherness and harmony.

* To provide the opportunity for support, friendship, networking and learning for everyone who comes to the event.

* To maintain & develop an annual holistic event which  promotes and showcases the work of healers, spiritual workers, therapists, artists, stall holders and the  visionary work of Secret Wold Wildlife Rescue Charity Founder, Pauline Kidner. 

* The Healing Weekend honours and remembers the life and work of the late Bill Harrison who passed away in 2008, whose vision will always lay at the heart of the event.