Love Life written by Lynn Gosney & performed by Touch the Earth

What is it that makes The Healing Weekend different? It’s the love and warmth of a family; it brings new and old friends together. It’s a place for the very young, for the Elders and all in-between, the animals all who weave magic into their journeys by just being there and are open to the experience. It’s a place where a blend of healing, guidance, connection, spiritual growth and communication take place. Tears and laughter flow and music fills the air. It’s a place where you can buy amazing crafts and goodies or just sit and enjoy the space that’s filled with love, colour and beauty. Been to lots of shows like this over the years, many I would not return to … but the Healing Weekend is one that is always sad when the closing has taken place but filled with excitement at the thought of the next one.
— Lynn Gosney, Touch the Earth




A very special song was broughtto life at The Healing Weekend. Written by Lynn Gosney and performed by Touch the Earth, everyone knew at once that this song was special. Love Life, as seen in the original recording at the event below, is now our official anthem. 

You can buy it now for just £3 ! via the avove link.

ALL PROCEEDS from sales and downloads of this song go to FundingNeuro ( - Curing Neurological Disorders Charity

LOVE LIFE has become the Anthem to the Healing Weekend Festival at Secret World in Somerset. (, where Touch The Earth have shared their music, workshops and ceremonies for many years.


Keep on laughing, smiling through
Keep it simple, keep it true
Love life as it loves you
Shine your beauty in all you do


Shine your beauty in all you do!

released March 14, 2016