Admission to the Event - Under 14's Free
Children's Main Programme is Free - with one or two exceptions if small charges are made for materials.

This was our 2019 programme.

2020 Details will follow in March

11.30 to 12.30
Rainbow Waterfall Meditation with Genny Robson

Journey to the beautiful waterfall and find the healing crystal cave.

12.45 to 1.45
Crystals for Children with Annie Hartwright

2.00 to 3.00
Young Persons Meditation Workshop (8 years upwards) with Frank Derwen

Together we will be exploring the relaxing and revitalising effects of mindfulness meditation. Discovering how by calming and focusing
the mind in the body, we have the potential to unlock a powerful capacity for increased enjoyment and engagement with all that life has to offer; decreasing the stressful effects of the more challenging aspects and optimising our enjoyment of the joyous parts!
A guided meditation will be followed by an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about these practices.

3.45 to 4.00
Giant Bubble Fun with The Healing Weekend Crew

4.30 to 5.00
Mindfulness for Children with Diane Lytollis

A children’s mindfulness class that focuses on individuality, free thought and self-awareness. It will begin with mindful meditative contemplation that will bring about an openness and relaxation. We’ll then, as a group, bring about discussions of individuality and an awareness of how thoughts can rule how we see the world and how we interact with the world. Recognising that we have individual thought and so do others. How others thoughts only affect us when we choose to let them. Even as a youngster, we are very influenced by others and the way they think; and the way in which we feel we have to fit in. We forget that we can all blend together and still have individuality.

Saturday 13th July

10.15 to 11.15
Dragon Workshop with Mark Fencott

Join Creator of Spiderwitch Fantasy Creations Mark Fencott for what is sure to be a fantastic dragon experience!

11.30 to 12.30
*Crystals for Children – With Daniel from Dan Rox Crystals*

As simple workshop for Children and Parents, working with and learning
about the energies of crystals.
Working with tumble stones in small groups, discussing the energies and
qualities each stone brings and how they can benefit us in our daily lives.
Parents and Children will be required to work and discuss together – but
there will be no pressure to talk aloud if they are not confident – but of course if they are it will be encouraged.
You do not need to have any pre-existing knowledge of Crystals, the
workshop is intended for all to learn, express and grow.

12.45 to 1.45
🐉DRAGON 🐉 Meditation, Story and Arty Stuff with Ro Boulton Nash

Helping children relax … including a dragon story, creative activities and sensory experiences.
Sessions are run by Ro, an experienced Storyteller, Aromatherapist, Author and Teacher.

2.00 to 3.00
Making Headresses and Wands with Sparkle

Sparkle is very much looking forward to helping you create your magical festival accessories!

3.45 to 4.45
Kids Yoga Taster Session. Just BE with Shanti

Have a go at Yoga – No experience required, we will share some basic fun poses and do a simple mindfulness practice to help you connect to your peace. This is useful for everyday life and supports giving you some time to connect and be and have fun too.

Fun, simple and Peaceful. Mats and Blankets Provided.

My name is Shanti (Lisa) and I am a fully qualified Adults, Children and Gentle Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher. I have been teaching for 5 years and am passionate about sharing the gift of connecting you to your inner peace, a valuable way to support your wellbeing in today’s busy lifestyle.

5.00 to 5.45
Making Shakers and Empowering Singing and Drumming with Rose Griffiths and Jenny Moore

Come and join Rose and Jenny from for this popular children’s workshop full of fun, laughter and joy as the children make their own shakers ready to join together for an uplifting drumming and musical workshop.

For more info about Jenny visit https://www.tamaya.co.uk/the-healing-weeekend-somerset

Sunday 14th July

10.15 to 11.15
Make Your Own Wings with Sparkle

11.30 to 12.30
🦄 UNICORN 🦄 Meditation, Story and Arty Stuff with Ro Boulton Nash

Helping children relax, using a Unicorn story, creative activities and sensory experiences. Sessions are run by Ro, an experienced Storyteller, Aromatherapist, Author and Teacher.

12.45 to 1.45
Children’s Crystal Meditation and Crystal Energy with Penny King

Does your child have a natural attraction and interest in crystals. This very interactive and hands on workshop will teach your child how to choose crystals which will help them in their day to day life. We will conclude with a gentle crystal meditation and the children will be able to take home the crystals they have worked with to continue their crystal journey.

2.00 to 3.00
Fun Rhythm Harmony Drum Circle with Suzanne Llewellyn

A fun drumming session for children!
Suzanne runs Djembe Drum Circles and Soul Drum Circles at many community events as well as performances and workshops.

3.45 to 4.45
Unicorn StoryTelling, Colouring and Photos by the Magical Fairie Door

Author Michelle Gordon will be reading from her children's novel The Magical Faerie Door, in the children's area. Come along to hear Lily's adventure with the faeries, colour in a magical faerie door picture and take a photo in front of the magical door.

Copies of The Magical Faerie Door are available from Michelle's stand in the main marquee, along with her magical novels for adults.

4.45 to 5.10

Giant Bubble Fun with The Healing Weekend Crew


Face Painting for Children and Adults with Sparkle

And …

Fun Giant Bubble Sessions at various times throughout the weekend!