Saturday 14th July 2018 (next year's Programme published march 2019)


Please note that this is only a guide and may be subject to change. 
A printed programme will be available at the gate when you arrive. Workshops which require wristband entry are coloured blue in the printed programme. Demonstrations and Music which are FREE for you to enjoy are shown in bold ITALIC text below. 
You can buy your £5 wristband at the Ticket Office which will be valid for one day and will entitle you to go to as many workshops as you wish during that particular day. If you are attending more than one day, you will need a new wristband each day.

Please note some larger workshops and the musical ones are also in the main performance marquee as well as workshop marquee's One, Two and Three.

Performance Marquee

10.15 - 10.45am  Connecting with your Spirit Guide Meditation with Rose Griffiths
For those of you who would like to make the connection for the first time or to just feel the presence of spirit around you, this meditation is very good because even if you know your spirit guide this will be a nice time and place to connect on a deeper level of understanding.

11.00 - 12.00pm The Secret to Your Future History with Dr Alan Jones

Taken from my book of the same name which will have been published on Kindle (end of Feb) and in paperback a month or so later. It also coincides with a web-TV 'slot' for Transformation TV, which will be on-line in March.

Enough of the prologue...

This book, and hence talk, is about some key steps to defining a personal future history which is about personal fulfilment. Based upon work in NLP, Coaching, Motivation and Positive Psychology we will explore the idea of Happiness and routes towards it; creating empowering visions of a future you and exploring the ways in which we can self-sabotage. Expect to be challenged, informed and empowered.
website: &

Dr Alan Jones PhD is co-founder of the Cornwall School of Mystery & Magick.

He is a past member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and currently a member of the Builders of the Adytum, Druidic Order of the Golden Dawn as well as other mystery and magic schools.

A speaker, trainer and teacher working within the areas of transpersonal psychology, education and coaching/mentoring Alan has authored numerous books and is an accredited trainer in the areas of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Complementary Therapies.

He is also a theatrical performer mixing aspects of applied psychology, intuition and stagecraft into evenings of thought-reading, suggestion and psychic entertainment.

Jeff McBride, the founder of an American Mystery School and a professional Illusionist/Magician working in Las Vegas has said:

“Alan is a real wizard - to witness his magic will transform the way you perceive reality”

12.15 - 1.15pm Shamanic Trance Dance with Lynn Gosney and Touch The Earth

A truly Shamanic experience with live music in the moment. The primal rhythm of the drums they call out their rhythm access the land Pulsing beating, we take to our feet as power animals in dance we meet We run we fly we crawl we swim to dance the dance the healing call. It takes us in the trance like state we our bodies move with ease and grace, where trance dance freedom feels just great.

Please note no children under 15 as this is a participating workshop only. 
All Touch the Earth workshops will close 5 minutes after start time.
NOTE - once started you cannot enter.

1.30 - 2.30pm  Answers from Spirit with Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Messages from the spirit world are all around us, from visitations in the dream time to falling feathers. Join Barbara in this interactive workshop to harness your natural intuitive side, as she  helps you to determine the very real message spirit are giving you at this time. Come along with your questions which Barbara will answer through her mediumship and psychic abilities.

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, The Highland Seer, has over 45 years of experience and expertise in the Mind Body Spirit field, having given her first mediumship demonstration at the age of 15 years old. She has since taught and mentored thousands of others in mediumship, trans-mediumship and shamanism at The Arthur Findlay College, Edinburgh College and the College of Psychic Studies in London. Hay House author Barbara has worked with many indigenous cultures and is a recognized expert in hosting rituals and ceremonies across the world. She is a regular presenter on the MBS & Pagan circuit and an award winning, best selling author, teacher and advocate of the great Earth-centered traditions.

2.45 - 3.45pm The Sound Journey: Connecting you with Your Essence with Sika

Lie down. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and experience the pure, primordial sounds of Didjeridoo, Drum, Flutes, Rattles, natural artefacts and much, much more.
The Sound Journey is a powerful and deep experience, where people often move through obstacles within themselves and have profound realisations
that can be carried into day-to-day life afterwards.

Sika has over twenty-five years exploring how sound helps us to enter altered states of consciousness. The limitless parallel worlds that exist to all of us at any moment are the domains of healing energy and connection to our deepest essence. In these other realities, anything in our wildest dreams is possible. It really is like stepping into a fantasy movie of our own creation.

Sika's extraordinary collection of instruments has great beauty and spiritual significance. Collected from around the world, they stand as a
bridge, in a timeless union with nature. Played over and around our body, they feel very relaxing and meditational. Imagine for a moment…a bunch of leaves whooshing through the Sage infused air, a Didjeridoo spiralling about the sacred space. The sound of the
Bullroarer opens a portal. Rocks, shells and feathers entice you further in. The heart beat on a drum entrances your mind and you leave time, as you know it. You have entered a magical realm where anything is possible.

Held in the gentle, nurturing cocoon of sound, we surrender to the ancient memories of Earth's prehistoric past. We see insights into what lies ahead
and the future begins to manifest. In the pool of pure sound vibrations, both an individual vision and a collective one are often revealed.
Gratitude is felt for the teachings from the Indigenous people of the world and for the Spirit that guides us on our paths. Special thanks to my
teachers and the Elders, who support my art and healing work. In particular Uncle Gubu Ted Thomas of The Yuin People, Uncle Larry Walsh
of the Taunwurrung People , Uncle Max Dulamunmun Harrison of the Yuin People.

4.10 - 4.40pm Music from Matthew Callow

5.00- 5.30pm Music from Sean Janaway

6.00 - 6.45pm Music from Touch the Earth

Workshop Marquee One

11.00 - 12.00pm Mediumship Demonstration with Linda Bassett and Fledglings from from Yeovil Mediumship School

12.15 - 1.15pm  The Magic of Flowers - Meditation & Mandalas with Ro Boulton Nash - Change to Printed Programme

The world is full of magic things,
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.
~ W. B. Yeats

You are invited to celebrate all things Summer and Flowery, at my Flower Magic Meditation and Mandala Workshop. Spend some quiet time connecting to Nature with beautiful flowers, a guided meditation, flower Oracle cards, essential oil mists and making mini flower mandalas.
Mandalas are an ancient tool for ritual and meditation, representing the cycle of life and connection to the universe. The floral mandalas we create will amplify our intention and manifestation for the month ahead in the energies of the New Moon. I will provide flowers and plants but do bring with you anything you are guided to collect.

1.30 - 2.30pm  Tilted - Hips Don't Lie with Daniel Neale

The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra and is sometimes called the emotional cupboard. It governs the area of fertility and holds the element of water. Come along to discuss and see what crystals/stones resonate with this chakra.

Hello, I'm Daniel and along with my husband Adam, we have been running DAN ROX Crystals and Stones for 2 years. Although my interest in Crystals began when I was 7/8 years old it wasn't until I was 24 that I began learning just what these beautiful beings could actually do! After completing a 20 week Crystal awareness course, I then went on to do an A.C.H.O Diploma in Crystal Healing which I am still studying. In 2017 I started doing workshops sharing my passion and love that I have for crystals, by doing so it's not only helping others but also helping me to grow.

2.45 - 3.45pm  Rahanni  Celestial Healing with Neshla Avey

Rahanni is a 5th dimensional healing modality which opens up the heart centre, helping people to release all fear and negativity they are carrying. This allows the person to then live their life in truth, love and compassion. Rahanni is a fairly new modality which has been brought here for the golden age, helping us to connect with 5th dimensional energy. It works on the pink ray of unconditional love. In this workshop you will learn what Rahanni is all about as well as experience the healing energy for yourselves.

4.00 - 5.00pm How to Play the Didgeridoo - An Introduction with Didge Tall Paul (Paul Cook)

What can you expect? Well, anyone is welcome and if you fancy trying something new, you’ve never played a didge before and are interested to learn more about this fabulous instrument.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own didge, just come along and have a go on one of our selection. We offer workshops tailored for all levels of playing ability, from beginners to advanced. Led by Paul and Rob, these informal workshop sessions will allow you to learn and develop new skills or build on your existing playing abilities.

This is a great instrument to learn – you need little musical knowledge, its easy to get started and it’s great fun making great sounds, rhythms and new friends!

I have been playing the didgeridoo for about 20 years, making them for 10 years and performing, teaching and running workshops with them for about 8! I make 2 main types of didgeridoo: native English split wood didges and termite eaten eucalyptus didges made from imported logs from Australia.

I build didges for many different styles and level of play, ranging from beginner through to expert, including: power conicles; smooth conicles; meditative; multi drone/multi toots; and many hybrids of each and always have a large stock of notes to choose from and if I haven’t got what you want you only have to ask and I will make it for you!

5.15 - 6.00pm  Learn how to do Dice Readings with Stephen Thornton

Join Stephen as he shares insights into this unique gift. 

I am unique in using ancient tools, which bring in modern day wisdom to help clients find their true self-belief and direction. I have been featured in "Fate and Fortune" magazine not only for my dice readings, but also for doing a reading for Madonna. I am acknowledged as the number one dice reader in the U K. being self-taught in reading dice, which were shown to me by my guide Simeon.

Workshop Marquee Two

11.00 - 12.00pm The Fairy Ring - Healing and Wishing Circle with Karen Kay

Join Karen Kay in the Fairy Ring as she holds a Healing & Wishing Circle at The Healing Weekend.

A magical and light-hearted bonding experience, where the group energy combined with the fairies of love and light will support the wishes and healing requests of participants for the highest good of all.

You will also have the opportunity to make three personal wishes, and set your intentions for the year ahead! Suitable for children and adults.

Karen Kay, is a former BBC news editor who is now a Fairyologist. Her fairy journey started in her Grandmother’s garden where she used to make fairy perfume as a young girl!
She is related to renowned fairy poet and author, Walter De La Mare, and founded her own International fairy magazine called ‘FAE’, and the 3 Wishes fairy festival in Cornwall, UK. She currently writes a fairy column for Soul & Spirit magazine. You can find out more about her work with the fairies at

12.15 - 1.15pm Ignite Your LIfe with Suzy-Grace Galadriel

An uplifting workshop in which Suzy-G shares Inspirational - and new - perspectives, to help you be fully ‘alive’ in your life! Learning to ‘let go’ and be open to the ‘infinite possibilities’ that stepping into your Uniqueness can bring.

1.30 - 2.30pm Saying Goodbye to Arthritis from Prospective Knee Replacements to Full Health with David Chandler

We see a lot of advice in the medical and mainstream press about coping with arthritis, coping with the pain – It’s like it’s a burden you have to carry for the rest of your days. I had the similar thoughts when I tried to function with chronic arthritis and also depression.

I lived with this unwanted guest for several years – but can say that he (and his associates that tagged along!) hasn’t shown up for a good while now.

Come and listen and learn how you too can help chronic illness such as arthritis with nutrition and diet. And most importantly changing elements of your lifestyle .

2.45 - 3.45pm Nutritional Healing: What it is and Why We Should Use It with Rebecca Jones

Everyone has heard of the phases ‘You are what you eat’ or ‘Food is thy medicine and medicine thy food’.  But does it really apply to you??

As a nutritional therapist I see a wide range of people, adults and children, from the very sick people and those who are just curious... and it seems that food really does interest everyone!  But we get very defensive about what and how we eat and there are SO many diets out there – but how do you know what is right for you?

In this workshop I am going to share with you some of knowledge and background on what has gone wrong with our food industry and our eating patterns in general.  Come and pick up some tips on how to get children to eat better from a younger age and how good education and simple explanation can make a huge difference to our health and happiness.

Food is meant to be enjoyed, but it also doesn’t need to make you sick!  Learn ideas and simple techniques that can help you and your family to live a longer, healthier life.

I am a qualified Natural Nutritionist and a Certified GAP’s Practitioner.  I currently work in private practise consulting & supporting clients around the world with their dietary needs, supporting and coaching them to see improvements in their overall health through diet and detoxification practices.

I used to have many health issues but then I discovered that so many of them were related to the foods that I eat and how toxic my body had become.  I used self-discovery at first, just using books and other information I could find and was amazed at the changes in myself.  Then in 2007, I studied Nutrition at College and here I expanded my knowledge and understood many techniques to help people regain their health and life through food.

With nutrition, you never stop learning – it is and will always be a lifelong passion of mine!

4.00 - 5.00pm Cavemen and Polar Bears : A Proven Strategy for the Effective Management of your Mood and Mindset
The Book and Live Presentation
written and presented by Andy Workman HPD DHP SFBTSup(Hyp) SFBHyp CBTHyp GQHP AfSFH MNCH(Reg) MHS
Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Author and Speaker

Are you ever stressed or anxious?
Do you want to stop worrying so much?
Would you like to enjoy life more?
The good news is that now YOU CAN learn to control your own mood and improve all aspects of your life and Andy will show you HOW.

During your time together you’ll discover

·         The difference between your rational and emotional minds

·         How your personal ‘Security Guard’, ‘Filing Cabinet’ and ‘Pharmacist’ interact to respond to whatever cards life deals you.

·         The underlying causes of stress, anxiety and depression and

·         What you can do to address those conditions and improve your mental resilience in the process.

Using everyday language and plenty of humour, Cavemen and Polar Bears introduces research, case histories, personal stories and examples designed to offer you a genuine opportunity to improve dramatically your mood and outlook on life.

Andy says “My message is easy to understand, easy to apply and makes life easier as a result”
91% of attendees say that they would recommend Cavemen and Polar Bears to family, friends and colleagues. Come and find out why!

Andy Workman is a successful Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, Mindset Specialist, Author and Motivational Speaker as well as being the Director of The Beehive Natural Health Practice in Keynsham near Bristol.

Having previously served for more than 30 years as a Police Officer, in both the Royal Air Force and the civil Police Service, he brings a wealth of life experience and characteristic humour to his work as a therapist and speaker.

Andy lives in Bristol with his wife Karen and they have two grown up sons, Sam and Adam. Away from his work, he is a keen swimmer and cyclist and relaxes by working out in the gym. He has many hobbies including beekeeping, painting (acrylics & watercolours), making hand & rod puppets, playing saxophone and ballroom dancing. There is NEVER a dull moment, but that is a blessing in itself.

5.15 - 6.00pm   Geopathic Stress in Our Homes with David Lockwood

David presents the issues that cause health challenges for people in the places where they live. Remedies are discussed. Audience participation is encouraged.


11.00 - 12.00pm  Using Crystals Around Your Home with Alex Maclean Milner

During this workshop, we will be looking at the relevance of where we place our crystals.
What crystal to choose ... where to place it ... and for what reason ...
Contracting Geopathic stress and electronic smog. Aiding sleep, protecting your home and help with manifesting.

Crystal Tips Holistics has been established for nearly ten years. It started in southern Scotland, moved into Cumbria and is now on the outskirts of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, on the edge of the Cotswolds.

I can use Reiki, various crystal therapies, or readings or a combination of the above. I can help you with relaxation, releasing blockages, better sleep, relieving aches , pains and migraines. This could help you feel more relaxed, more focussed, more able to cope with every day life. I can offer bespoke treatments, using experience, intuition and various therapy techniques, to give you a truly tailored experience.

My work with holistic therapies and under taking further training is important to me. I love learning new techniques.  Reflexology has now been added to my therapies. I am fortunate in that I love what I do. I love to see people blossom and fulfil their potential. I want to help you become free from aches and pains, anchors and cycles, leaving you happier and relaxed.

12.15 - 1.15pm Sounding the OM - Healing with Tuning Forks and Our Voice with Debbi Walker

OM is the Sound of Creation - the Sound we are born to and the Sound we go 'Home' to. What is important, is how we live our lives whilst we are here
on 'In this experiential workshop we will use the OM tuning fork and our voice to retune our mind, body, spirit and Soul to that of our Still Point. We
will work with our Auric field and chakras to Clear, Cleanse and Balance our energy matrix. By tuning into our Still Point, it is the place where we
find peace and within that peace all answers are heard from our unique Intelligence within our heartspace. Feel your heart expand with such love as you become part of life's Universal symphony. Free Still Point CD for all who come.

1.30 - 2.30pm Angel Nudges with Sharon May

I work throughout the UK and abroad as a Spiritualist Medium, Artist and  Teacher.

Making your angels accessible to you, Angels made simple, understandable and real. Told “As it is” no mysteries or complicated instructions. As a natural spirit medium, I am privileged to work with Spirit and have helped many people over the past 30 years; I have a unique and loving relationship with spirit from which I receive great joy.

I am bestowed with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairaroma and clairsentience and I have been psychic all of my life. As a child I experienced the joy of playing with Spirit children, and enjoyed their unconditional love. These same spirit children are still with me, they are my spirit guides who have grown up along side of me; and with their love and light they help me to link with the Spirit world.

2.45 - 3.45pm FAIRIES - Discover The Magical World of Nature Spirits with Flavia Kate Peters

Join Hay House author Flavia Kate Peters, as she introduces her new book, to discover how you can connect with the Fairy Elemental Kingdom to re-awaken and bring yourself back into alignment with the natural world. Working this way with the Fairies enhances one's magical abilities, heals spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing and brings about a very real connection to the Elemental Realm. Workshop includes magical altar work, fairy spells and meditation.

4.00 - 5.00pm
Metatron and Archangel Meditation with Carol Thorneycroft

Carol has been a Complementary Therapist for over 18 years and has recently relocated to Stalbridge in Dorset where she runs Ametrine Lodge Holistic Therapies. She worked at Chewton Glen Health Spa for 10 years as a therapist, before deciding to become self-employed.

Carol is a Reiki Master and teaches Reiki and meditation courses. Over the last 15 years, she has also developed her own healing technique called 7th Dimensional Healing. In addition to this she is qualified in a variety of treatments including:

Archangel Metatron Colour Healing
Reiki Colour Healing
Indian Head Massage
Hopi Ear Candles and much more

Carol loves to use natural remedies and herbs and uses them to assist with mind, body and soul. She is also passionate about animal welfare and uses Reiki to assist them with healing and recovery.