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Saturday 13th July 2019


Please note that this is only a guide and may be subject to change. 
A printed programme will be available at the gate when you arrive. Workshops which require wristband entry are coloured blue in the printed programme. Demonstrations and Music which are FREE for you to enjoy are shown in bold ITALIC text below. 
You can buy your £5 wristband at the Ticket Office which will be valid for one day and will entitle you to go to as many workshops as you wish during that particular day. If you are attending more than one day, you will need a new wristband each day.

Please note some larger workshops and the musical ones are also in the main performance marquee as well as workshop marquee's One, Two and Three.

Performance Marquee

10.30 to 11.00 For the First Time!!! Live Improvised Meditations with Composer and Performer Neil H

11.15 to 12.00
African Drumming with Fab Drumming!

For the first time we are very happy to be welcoming our friends Fab Drumming!
Fab Drumming workshops are dynamic musical events. Group drumming taps into core energies and stimulates participation. It breaks down barriers, reduces stress, develops group cohesiveness, builds up the spirit and most important of all, it's great fun! Come long-bring your drums or your rattles and share in this amazing rhythm-charged group experience!

12.15 to 1.15
Sacred Shamanic Sound Journey with Letinto

A beautiful Shamanic meditation featuring voice, flute, singing bowls, water music, bells, guitar, drums. and harmonic chanting.

QUINTO has always been deeply connected to the rhythms and vibrations of the cosmos, which he expresses through his sensitive music and intuitive understanding of the human condition. His desire to help humanity led to a degree in music therapy and a lifelong study of psychology, quantum physics and spiritual theory.

Apprenticed for many years with Amerigo Jaba as an Inca Shaman, he was initiated in 1992 as ‘Altamisayoq - Priest of The Earth’.

Quinto is a gifted Shamanic healer and wise counsellor who works respectfully with honourable dignity and profound insight. There are many testimonials to the power of his healing.  He now travels worldwide with Leticia sharing teachings, therapies and his soothing music.

LETICIA has been a visionary since early childhood. Then at age 21 a near-death encounter brought powerful gifts and rare knowledge which inspired her life’s work. Thus began her profession as a visionary, astrologer and healer.

Her Shamanic training with many wonderful Native American ‘relatives’ lasted 14 years.    In 2002 she brought their knowledge and healing ways back to the UK.   A published author, Leticia has been a guest on radio and television worldwide.  She is consulted by royalty, politicians and celebrities.

A sacred pipe carrier, Leticia travels the world opening and connecting land lines, building medicine wheels and performing sacred ceremonies.  Quinto and Leticia offer their teachings and healing together through music and workshops

1.30 to 2.30
Mediumship Demonstration with Lorraine Lane

2.45 to 3.45
Spirit of the Drum: Journey to the Cave of the Ancestors with Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Through the power of the drum, journey to the cave of the Ancestors to connect and reclaim your past life and heal fragmented time lines. Soul retrieval, on this level helps us to reclaim our ancient wisdom, highlighting our path of the craft. We will also be working with drum healing.
I am an Author, Singer, Drummer, Flautist, and Storyteller – all of which I employ in weaving the ancient craft of the Wisewoman, Seer, Shaman, together as one.  We all carry this ability to work on all levels of awareness and intuition to heighten our gifts and talents. It is our natural birthright and it is time to reclaim it!

4.00 to 4.30
Music from Competition Winner Shane Ford (Pridez)

...’ I feel like my style is unique and different from most rap artists my music is more in tune with myself my beliefs my spiritual self shines through my music which is why it relates more than most rap out there.. I’m a story telling rap / song writer that spreads the words of love and positivity.’

4.45 to 5.30
Demonstration of Trance Healing with Brian Walker

6.30 to 10.00

with Bernie Scott, Patrick Gamble, Greg Smith, Dr Alan Jones, Gemma Stacey & Melayne Stone, with music from Neil H & Gracie Wickens Sweet

Tickets £5 from the event ticket office.

Workshop Marquee One

11.00 to 12.00
Ancient Merlin Magic with Dominic Jones from Wishes

Connect deeply in with yourself and our ancestral roots as we call upon the insight and magic of Merlin, master of the Elements.

With Merlin by our side, paving the way, we will welcome in the unique energies and powers of King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake and Excalibur
alongside crystals to help us connect into these four powerful energy systems.

This hands-on experience will show you some crystals to help boost your connection to these energies before you enjoy a deep, guided meditation to balance your Elemental Energies and introduce you to the unity of Merlin, King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake and Excalibur.

At Wishes, Merlin and the Realms of Camelot are very close to our hearts and we love opening the door to these divinely magical energies and helping
you on your journey to connect, balance and learn.
Suitable for All.

12.15 to 1.15
Tune into the Angels with Flavia Kate Peters

When you listen to the angels’ loving guidance you become more peaceful and happy as a result. They guide us in the areas of relationships, career, health, finances and anything that you feel you need assistance with. In this workshop you will discover your own personal spiritual communication style so that you can more easily recognise the visions, words, thoughts and feelings you receive as Divine guidance – a step by step guide to clearly receiving messages from your angels, making them a beloved part of your life.

Hay House author FLAVIA KATE PETERS is known as The Fairy Seer who embraces the path of the Old Ways and that of Fairy-craft. A teacher of natural & ancient magic, Flavia Kate trains others through her professional Angel & Fairy certification courses at the College of Psychic Studies, London, and is a regular Presenter on the Mind Body Spirit & Pagan circuits. Television appearances include Celebrity Haunted Hotel, Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy, along with various guest slots for BBC Radio. She regularly graces the pages of Spirit and Destiny magazine and is a columnist for FAE Magazine and Witchcraft & Wicca. Her authentic and honest approach makes her a most sought after wisdom keeper .

1.30 to 2.30
A Sound Journey Through the Chakras with Ros Simons

A sound journey through the Chakras is an experiential workshop.
We will create personal chakra crystal grids based on Sacred Geometry and experience the sounds of the Chakra Note Pipes as we undertake a guided journey through the seven chakras of the physical body.

1.30 to 2.30
Learn How to Play the Didge with Paul Cook (at his stand in the lower field)

2.45 to 3.45
How Food can Help you Live a Long Life - Help Your Digestion to Support Your Brain with Rebecca Jones
Certified Nutritional Practitioner G.A.P.S,I.F.M.

'How healthy is your digestive system?  Do you suffer with any digestive problems such as IBS or Coeliac disease or do you or someone you know suffer with mental health issues, dementia or an autoimmune disease?

Our digestive system is a major player when it comes to living a long and healthy life.  Our body contain trillions of bacteria and they are responsible for a large part of our immune system, they produce our hormones and vitamins too.  In fact we couldn’t survive without them!   

During this workshop I will help you to understand this unique connection between our gut, brain, hormones and more.  As well as tried and tested methods on how to heal your gut and have a much happier healthier life by using foods, superfoods and supplementation.

More information about Nutrition Consultations, Workshops and Retreats can be found here: www.inspiredwellbeing.org

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist; a Certified GAP’s Practitioner and I have also begun my training in Functional Medicine with the Institute of Functional Medicine. 

I currently work in private practise consulting & supporting clients around the world with their dietary needs.  Supporting and coaching them to see improvements in their overall health through diet and detoxification practices.  I also use functional testing to pin point changes in bacteria, deficiency in nutrients that can affect your mental, emotional and hormonal health.

I used to have my own health issues but discovered so many of them were related to the food that I eat and how toxic my body had become.  I used self-discovery at first, just using books and other information I could find and was amazed at the changes in myself.  Then in 2007, I studied Nutrition at College and here I expanded my knowledge and understood many techniques to help people regain their health and life through food.

With nutrition, you never stop learning – it is and will always be a lifelong passion of mine!

4.00 to 5.00
Saying Goodbye to Arthritis - Naturally with David Chandler

We have a lot of advice in the medical and mainstream press about coping with arthritis –  It’s a burden you have to carry for the rest of your days. I had the same thoughts when I tried to function with chronic arthritis and depression.

I lived with this unwanted guest for several years – but can say that he (and his associates that tagged along!) hasn’t shown up for a good while now.

Come and listen and learn how you too can help chronic illness … with changes to your diet. And Most importantly elements of your lifestyle. Originally my ingrained beliefs stopped me acting on my own problem. I stoically battled on for too long, sceptical of any natural solutions before eventually travelling through major chronic illness to a full vibrant health life.

 I suggest to you that if someone like myself is capable of achieving a pain free life from the position I was in then so can you. So if  I can get back on my feet again then so can you.

I’m passionate to share my journey and experiences with you.. It’s been an amazing experience and one I never thought possible, and you’ll find other chronic illness improves also.

 But when there were no more answers from the medical world and I was faced with knee replacements. I decided to take ownership of my arthritis and found my body is capable healing given it the right tools. Don’t leave it too long before you take control.

Find more here. www.inspiredwellbeing.org or  www.noarthritis.org

5.15 to 6.00
Awakening your Feminine Energy’ with Pippa Handley Cooke

Connect with your ancient knowing and your natural ability as empowered women through this heart linked workshop with crystals, sound and a nurturing visualisation linking in with the Goddess.


11.00 to 12.00
Fairies and Unicorns Manifesting Meditation and Talk with Karen Kay , The Fairy Lady

Experience the beautiful and magical energy of the fairies and unicorns in this uplifting guided visualisation. Manifest your heart-felt wishes and dreams for the highest good of all as you journey to fairyland with Karen Kay, the Fairy Lady.

Karen will also share practical ways of manifesting your wishes as you work in harmony with the fairies and unicorns. Suitable for children and adults.

Karen Kay is a Hay House Author and former BBC news editor who is now a Fairyologist. Her fairy journey started in her Grandmother’s garden where she used to make fairy perfume as a young girl! She currently writes a fairy column for Soul & Spirit magazine, and her new Fairy Oracle cards are now onsale. Join her newsletter at www.karenkay.co.uk to receive a free Fairy Door Meditation.

12.15 to 1.15
Horses Voice - Equine Healing & Communication with Elaine Mary Tiley

Elaine is a natural healer and communicator. Elaine has been taught by the horse, and still to this day horses are her teachers. She travels many miles every year helping people to connect with their horses. A lot of her work is helping horses to move forward, to let go of the past and embrace the future. Horses can go through immense cruelty which is inflicted by man. They then see all of mankind as one, Elaine helps them to see that we like them are all unique. When the past is discussed and healed the horses can move forward. If we are very lucky on their journey they will teach us great lessons to enhance our own lives.

During this workshop Elaine will talk about her life's journey to horse and talk about her travels and unique healings with the horses. Some will make you laugh and some cry. The messages from the horses are clear, come and hear them. The horses have lessons for us to embrace all of which will enhance our lives and theirs. Then you will be taken on a meditation to spirit horse. Finishing by answering any questions you may have on perhaps your own horse or your healing journey.

1.30 to 2.30
Geopathic Stress in Our Homes with David Lockwood

David Lockwood presents the issues that cause health challenges for people in the places where they live.  Remedies are discussed.  Audience participation to dowse their issues is encouraged.

I have been a Teacher, Healer and a Dowser for over 20 years and have a great enthusiasm for teaching and enjoy sharing my knowledge. I am also a Geomancer. (Earth Healer) I enjoy running courses and making new friends inspiring and being inspired and will share my latest discoveries with beginners and the more experienced.

2.45 to 3.45pm
Universal Love Sound Healing for Peace and Resonant Well Being for People and Animals with the Tuning Forks of the OM and 528hz Sacred Vibrations with
Debbi Walker

"Sound is the Medicine of our Future" Edgar Cayce (1877 - 1945). This was said over 100 years ago, yet the future is here, it IS now. I am a retired nurse with extensive experience in medicine;  (western medicine and Sound medicine) and I will share with you just how "Sound is the Medicine of NOW".

In this experiential workshop you will feel first hand how working with Sound vibrations will have a far reaching effect on health and wellbeing. The sounds connects deeply into your heartspace giving a warm, comforting glow as the sounds weave their healing song deep into your ancient DNA, allowing a sense of 'remembering'.  The use of sound in many areas of medicine is already being used and in our time together I will demonstrate how using Sound through Tuning Forks will not only quieten your mind, but bring a deep sense of peace within. Extensive research conducted by Dr Herbert Benson, a Harvard cardiologist suggested by creating the Relaxation Response for 25 minutes a day healthy genes are turned on and on health genes are turned off, this is biological fact. Sound creates a Relaxation Response. You will get to do a sound healing on yourself as you tune into these gentle yet powerful sounds on a deep cellular basis. Free Still Point CD for all who come.

4.00 to 5.00
Stand and Deliver - Platform Mediumship and Presentation Skills with Sharon May

Build Your Power.
Harness Your Power.
Stand In Your Power.
Platform or One to One?
Confidently Deliver your Messages.
Refining your Stage Presence.

Come and let Sharon show you how!

5.15 to 6.00
The Learner Tarot with Neshla Avey

I have designed a set of Tarot cards which is designed for a learner, very basic and easy to learn.

THE LEARNER TAROT - an easy way to open up your intuition. The cards have been stripped to bare basics to help you understand the tarot and
to work with it.
I have been been teaching tarot for many years so designed these cards to make it easier for students to work with the tarot.


11.00 to 12.00
Face Reading Workshop with Anna Louise Haigh

12.15 to 1.15
Animal Communication and Meet Your Animal Spirit Guide with Gemma Stacey

Gemma will talk you through a guided meditation on how to develop and enhance your own connection with your animal guide, strengthening your communication. This will enable you to have a conversation with spirit and living animals.  She will help you to develop your own unique gifts in a relaxed environment, which may include seeing, hearing, tasting and feeling the emotions of your animal guides. She will also assist you in interpreting what the animals are trying to tell you.

Gemma Stacey is a respected Animal Communicator, Psychic and Medium from Dorset.  She discovered that she had psychic abilities and could talk to the animals and humans at a very young age.  A public Animal Communicator since the age of 16, Gemma provides her clients with detailed private consultations and refers to her style of readings as an 'Evidential Medium.'

Gemma’s highly attuned intuitive and mediumship abilities help her to bring much needed peace and comfort where needed as well as helping with behaviour resolution, health problems and end of life issues. She also attends events as guest speaker as well as teaching classes and workshops on animal communication and psychic development. In addition to all this, Gemma fosters many abused and unwanted animals in the Southwest.                       

1.30 to 2.30
Flower Power: Guided Meditation, Mandalas, and Fragrances with Ro Boulton Nash

Every plant has a story to share with us. This gentle session will help you connect with flowers, plants and trees, so you can experience their healing and messages for you. Starting with Flower Cards and Guided Meditation, Ro will take you on a multi-sensory flower experience, finishing with creating flower mandalas. No previous experience necessary - this will be a gentle, nourishing and nurturing workshop. Everything provided but please feel free to bring any petals, flowers, leaves etc with you.

2.45 to 3.45
Becoming a Medium with Bernie Scott

If you ever wondered what it takes to become a medium, then come along to hear all about how you, too, could develop your gifts to help others. Bernie is one of the most popular and well respected mediums on the circuit today. She travels across the UK extensively, giving light, hope and encouraging messages to all she meets.

4.00 to 5.00
Pendulums for Beginners* Dan Rox Tips for Beginners* with Daniel Neale

Although the art of Pendulum dowsing has been in practice through the ages, there are many people who have never even heard of it.

We find many of Dan Rox’s customers are familiar with pendulums, but it’s still not uncommon for a curious shopper to approach us once in a while
with one in hand asking, “*What’s this for*?”

Pendulums have been in use for thousands of years, and for all sorts of reasons, come and find out how you could use a pendulum and how working
with one could benefit you.

5.15 to 6.00
Vibrational Healing Frequencies with Yvonne Hall

I will be demonstrating a combination of all different types of healing that I use with the help of my spiritual team.
Come and hear about my journey and the spiritual team I work with, and how healing can benefit you.
The workshop will a demonstration by myself with audience participation on locating and feeling their own chakra's spinning.
There will be information to go home with.