Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Secret World Wildlife Rescue specialises in the rescue, rehabilitation and eventual release of orphaned and injured wild creatures. It is run entirely on donations and runs the only 24 hours wildlife rescue service in the South West of England. In each year approximately 4,000 wild animals are cared for by Secret World Wildlife Rescue. Together with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, they continue to care for all manner of creatures, from the tiniest harvest mice and bats to badgers, swans, foxes, deer and of course otters.

Secret World & The Healing Weekend
The Healing Weekend that we know today owes its root and origin to the late healer, Bill Harrison who passed away in 2008. During the 1990's Bill, who hosted The Healing Weekend for many years at his home in Wedmore, Somerset, began to visit Secret World to help the animals there. Close bonds were created between staff, volunteers, the animals and Bill. Staff and Volunteers including Maria Fountain, Jan and John Vinnicombe began to bring the animals to 
Bills Healing Sanctuary, to the event to help with Animal Healing Workshops 

Following Bills passing, in honour of his life and work, Elaine and Ron, todays organisers, with the support of Pauline and Simon Kidner and the team at Secret World, began to create The New Healing Weekend. This time, with the additional goal of helping this amazing charity raise much needed vital funds.

Secret World History

Pauline and Derek Kidner opened New Road Farm (now Secret World) to visitors in 1984 and it was after seeing the way that the animals were being cared for that the public started to bring injured wildlife to the farm in the hope they could be cared for here. From here Pauline very soon developed a great love and interest for wildlife, and as her knowledge grew, so did her reputation for caring for these wild animals in need.

Secret World (or Bluebell Sett as it was then known) was founded in 1992 to support this wildlife work which has been recognised nationally by winning the BBC Animal Country Award in 1995 and seen in numerous TV programs. Its name honoured 'Bluebell', one of the first cubs reared by Pauline. Although she was released and free to go, Bluebell chose to stay at the farm where she raised two cubs of her own and adopted three others before her death in 1994.

Pauline Kidner was also nominated for the BBC Animal Awards in 2001 for 'contribution to animal welfare' award. She was one of the three runners-up but unfortunately was not successful in winning the award.

Bluebell Sett became a registered charity in 1995, but then after the success of the ‘Secret World’ television series on ITV, the charity was officially renamed as Secret World Wildlife Rescue in 2005, in a move that saw Bluebell Sett incorporated within the Secret World banner.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue is now the only 24/7 wildlife rescue centre in the South West, annually caring for over 5,500 sick, injured and orphaned animals. The aim of our rescue and rehabilitation work is always to return the animals to the wild whenever possible, and believes in always giving an animal the best possible care. This includes the employment of trained animal carers (including a qualified Vet Nurse), and a commitment to provide medication, veterinary care, and time to recover as required.

We are also lucky to have a team of over 600 dedicated volunteers who assist in a number of ways. This ranges from helping on site here at Secret World performing animal care duties, cleaning animal enclosures or maintenance, through to making themselves available to pick up injured animals and bringing them to Secret World, and many jobs in between.

Secret World takes an active role by opening its doors to the public 5 times a year, visiting schools, providing wildlife rescue training, running development courses for veterinary professionals and by working with colleges and other training establishments. Secret World rescue cases are rising and this trend is predicted continue. The breadth of our work is enormous, as is the competition for much needed funding to ensure it can continue. With no government funding, Secret World relies on charitable donations and support to ensure that this essential work is able to continue. To find out how you can help Secret World, either by joining our band of volunteers or helping to raise money, click the ‘How to help’ button above.

Due to the nationwide reputation that Secret World has gained, the charity enjoys the patronage of;

  • Anthony Head
  • Simon King OBE
  • Jilly Cooper OBE
  • Valerie Singleton
  • Desmond Morris
  • Chris Sperring MBE
  • Chris Packham
  • Mike Dilger

Today, Secret World is the only 24/7 wildlife rescue centre in the South West. We are also the most established.

  • Find out why our unique breadth of experience in wildlife care and rehabilitation means that we are often the first port of call for casualties and rescue cases from all over the UK
  • See how our education programme helps to train professionals and volunteers alike
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