The Healing Weekend Association & Special Insurance Rates for Members

Join The Healing Weekend Association (THWA)
Each year sees many like-minded people from the spiritual community come together to enjoy a wonderful event. We share an amazing time together, make new friends, share stories and learn new things. Then we all go home looking forward to when we meet again the following year.

Having thought about this, Ron and I decided it would be great to be able to keep our connections strong all through the year by creating The Healing Weekend Association. In this way, no matter how near or far you are, you can always get in touch, share news and generally be part of a great group of people who are all, in their own way, trying to make the world a nicer place to live in.

Membership Details

Who we are?
People from all walks of life who share common spiritual values and goals.

Aims of the Association
To bring ‘healers’, spiritual workers, therapists, holistic practitioners together to provide the opportunity for support, friendship, networking and learning.

Who can join?
Anyone who shares our common aims and agrees to abide by our Code of Conduct. Please Click here to read.

What does it cost?
£25 per annum per person.

What is included in the membership?
a) Membership Certificate.
b) Discounted Insurance rates from Westminster Indemnity.
c) Networking and events information to let everyone know which events you're attending. Please connect on our Facebook page 

To Join The Healing Weekend Association or for further questions, do get in touch with Ron at

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